TIE Kinetix, a leader in 100% supply chain digitalization, announced the fall release of its FLOW Partner Automation platform. Platform-wide visibility improvements make it easier for end users to prioritize workflows and maintain a clear overview of inbound and outbound documents. Combined with additional platform customization options, FLOW customers have the potential to significantly increase productivity and business efficiency.

FLOW is continuously optimized to meet the diverse and sophisticated needs of TIE Kinetix customers. Recent updates demonstrate a clear focus on simplicity and convenience for all end users. Beginning with visibility improvements, color-coded dot icons have been added to the document overview, each of which serve as an indicator of document status in any given business process. Adding to this, it is now possible for company admins to define custom flags to further highlight documents according to state (e.g., rejected).

“We want to make our customers’ lives easier,” says Jan Sundelin, CEO, TIE Kinetix. “For example, by supplementing plain text with a color-coded system, users quickly begin to form visual associations with document status. Trying to figure out which exchanges to prioritize is no longer a matter of reading and re-reading line items. All it takes now is a quick glance. We believe that all document exchange activities should be equally straightforward.”

It is also important to note the following FLOW upgrades:

  • Receive real-time document exchange updates directly from the dashboard widget
  • Include direct links to specific documents in trading partner email notifications
  • Define conditional business rules to control visible input fields for manual-entry users
  • Receive automatic email notifications when bulk downloads have been completed

The FLOW Partner Automation Fall Release 2021 consists of developments and improvements for the entire FLOW platform and various modules. All new features and functionalities are immediately available to all TIE Kinetix customers