Saddle Creek Logistics Services announced today that the company is expanding its parcel analytics reporting suite to include a time-in-transit dashboard. The new feature offers comprehensive visibility into delivery metrics to improve parcel management while controlling costs. 

“We launched our parcel analytics tool to offer shippers much-needed transparency into their parcel data and costs,” said Megan Rudolph, senior director of parcel operations at Saddle Creek. “With this new enhancement, shippers will also have full visibility into carrier performance, so they can ensure their parcel solution optimizes costs while still meeting the customer’s delivery expectations.” 

The dashboard helps to guide business decisions by highlighting performance across the various delivery methods and parcel carriers that shippers offer to their customers. Clients implementing Saddle Creek’s dynamic carrier selection technology or adding a new facility can leverage the data to validate their strategy with these key performance indicators (KPIs) – cost and speed. The dashboard can also help to identify dips in on-time performance that need to be addressed with carriers directly.

“The parcel market is constantly evolving. It’s critical to understand how carrier changes impact costs and delivery experience, but sourcing and interpreting that data tends to be a major challenge for shippers. We’re excited to make this information more accessible for our clients,” Rudolph explained.  

Populated with the user’s actual invoice and transit data, the web-based dashboard presents a clear picture of parcel activity. Users can view transit time and cost per piece by carrier, service type, destination and more. Data is uploaded across various dashboards with the option to filter by a user’s specified time frame (weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually).

The new time-in-transit dashboard is now live and available to Saddle Creek’s parcel clients. The company manages approximately 45 million parcel shipments for clients annually.