Princeton, N.J. – TRAC Intermodal is expanding and improving the quality of its chassis fleet in the Gulf Region to meet an expected surge in U.S. resin exports. The TRAC Gulf Regional Pool (TGRP) now offers the largest and most modern fleet of chassis in the ports of Houston, Dallas, Mobile, New Orleans and El Paso as well as several other locations.

TRAC has refurbished over 20 percent of its TGRP fleet to ensure that customers have access to the highest quality and most reliable chassis in the Gulf port complex. These refurbished chassis feature LED lights, OEM tires, new brake systems and new electrical wiring, and are painted TRAC Blue. “TRAC is systematically upgrading the quality and composition of our fleet in the Gulf. We’re expanding the size of our fleet by adding additional chassis, we’re improving the quality of the fleet through refurbishing and we’re adding new technology in the form of “light weight” chassis to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Keith Lovetro, President and Chief Executive Officer at TRAC Intermodal. He also noted that, “We’ve added over 1,000 chassis to our TGRP pool this year, making it the largest and most modern marine chassis fleet in the Gulf.”

TRAC is also expanding its fleet of lightweight marine chassis, which were introduced in Houston last year. These lightweight chassis have radial tires, LED lights and ABS brakes and are specifically designed to enable motor carriers to move heavier container loads such as resin while still complying with DOT weight limits. Carriers are also using the lightweight chassis to transport other heavy commodities, such as lumber or other raw materials. “Lightweight chassis provide high-quality, reliable equipment to meet the specialized cargo transportation needs of our customers,” said Lovetro.