Trade Tech, an industry-leading global logistics platform, has launched 3-Way e-Booking, a collaborative tool that connects the three stakeholders involved in each shipment—the shipper, the logistics provider and the ocean carrier. The solution creates an environment for the three key decision makers while streamlining the process, eliminating countless emails, multiple spreadsheets and protecting data from outside parties.

Offering what Trade Tech refers to as “one version of the truth” on its globally accessible platform, its 3-Way e-Booking tool provides its customers an alternative to the traditional communication and data organization tools used to manage each shipment.

“One of the most significant advantages of digitization is enhanced collaboration, a key benefit of the 3-Way e-Booking feature. It allows parties to work together and collectively make critical decisions about the shipment based on accurate, real-time data. This is so much better than the typical communications process that relies on emails, which are outdated as soon as they are sent,” said Bryn Heimbeck, President and Co-Founder of Trade Tech.

Typically, critical shipping information is shared through disorganized email exchanges and is further complicated by each party using multiple spreadsheets that are usually created in a silo with outdated data. Rather, the 3-Way e-Booking tool creates an environment for the three decision makers to work collaboratively, creating a barrier for outside parties to gain access to confidential data or slow down the process with irrelevant details.

Benefits of Trade Tech 3-Way e-Booking Solution:

• Dedicated Environment: The tool offers an environment where shippers, logistics providers and ocean carriers can access information and collaborate seamlessly. This eliminates the need for multiple systems and reduces the complexity of managing shipments.

• Streamlined booking process: Each party can create, amend, or cancel shipment bookings and can view the status of the shipment in real-time directly.

• Real-time data: The tool provides real-time updates and shipment details, enabling all parties to track shipments more effectively.

• Minimizing manual process: By automating the booking process and centralizing the information, it minimizes human error while also eliminating the need for communication via email and multiple spreadsheets.

• Data Security: A log-in system protects the data as well as the integrity of the shipment process by only allowing authorized users access.

Trade Tech’s 3-Way e-Booking solution will include motor carriers, warehousing/distribution centers and load facilities to help facilitate collaboration and fluidity throughout the entire supply chain.

“3-Way e-Booking is a natural next step as we grow our suite of collaboration tools, which we offer through our state-of-the-art global logistics Syrinx platform. We have worked tirelessly to create a user-friendly experience with a highly engaging interface that even our least technologically savvy customers feel comfortable using,” said Mr. Heimbeck.

Trade Tech’s Syrinx is a fully integrated global logistics platform that leverages modern Web 2.0 technology. The state-of-the-art platform facilitates seamless communication, global data sharing, real-time interaction and community-based collaboration, which are critical to a fully digitized supply chain.

Eliminating data silos and fragmented systems, the Syrinx platform simplifies logistics processes by unifying global operations and streamlining data access to support informed decision making—while also offering an engaging, easy-to-use interface.

“Syrinx is more than a platform—it is a control tower that facilitates collaboration, efficiency and fluidity. 3-Way e-Booking is a tool that brings that vision of Syrinx to life,” said Bryn Heimbeck.