Halifax startup’s solution uses data science to improve accuracy and quality of import and export information

Halifax, NS - BlueNode, which has developed AI software that optimizes maritime shipping, is beginning a multisite application of its MFC Trace solution with Transport Canada. Being implemented at several Canadian ports receiving complex sets of commodities, Transport Canada is testing BlueNode’s solution as part of the Innovative Solutions Canada - Testing Stream delivered by Innovation, Science & Economic Development’s (ISED) Innovation Canada Sector.

MFC Trace uses machine learning and natural language processing to clean, integrate, and analyze international supply chain data. It provides insight on supply chain resilience such as trade item throughput, risk mitigation, and demand analysis. BlueNode’s solution imports trade data and analyzes it for accuracy and quality, and cleans the data for errors. It also connects to existing information systems used in global trade, enabling economic analysis.

“Shipping data can be incomplete or inaccurate, which can cause issues further down the supply chain. In the context of COVID-19, goods may include specific medical equipment, food, or other essential supplies, so ensuring data accuracy and cleanliness is critical,” said Louis Beaubien, Co-Founder and CEO of BlueNode. “We’re pleased and excited that Transport Canada is deploying the Canadian-made MFC Trace Solution in a multisite application.”

“As the global supply chain becomes increasingly digitized, data and technologies supporting data strategies will provide opportunity for ports to differentiate the value proposition they bring to their clients and wider stakeholder communities,” said Jim Quinn, CEO of Port Saint John, which is one of the ports that will be testing the solution.

BlueNode’s MFC Trace has the capacity to integrate data from any file form and any data file type used in the supply chain, making it adaptable to the entire process. The solution can provide customized analysis and insights via a customizable dashboard to industry professionals. It also supports integration into Canada Border Services Agency's (CBSA) Single Window Initiative (SWI).

The Innovative Solutions Canada -Testing Stream is a Research & Development (R&D) procurement program aimed at procuring, testing and evaluating pre-commercialized goods and services in the late stages of development. Earlier this year, BlueNode announced that it had also partnered with Saab, the global port enterprise systems leader, on a separate port data integration project with the Port of Halifax.