Trucker Path, a subsidiary of leading global SaaS provider Moatable, Inc. and the most comprehensive and relied upon mobile app for North American truckers, today announced Trucker Path for Brokerages. The new offering will enable small to mid-size freight brokers to dispatch, track and manage loads more efficiently and effectively to better compete against larger, more resource-rich brokerages.

“Built for small to mid-size brokers, Trucker Path for Brokerages greatly simplifies the process of dispatching, tracking and managing loads awarded to carriers by freight brokers,” said Chris Oliver, CMO at Trucker Path. “By enabling significantly enhanced visibility into load location and status it improves productivity and shipper satisfaction and streamlines processes to simplify operations. Trucker Path for Brokerages will help smaller brokers differentiate themselves and compete for carriers and customers like their larger competitors.”

Trucker Path for Brokerages enables small to mid-size brokers to enjoy advanced features that streamline the interactions between the broker and carrier while making them both more efficient and productive. Providing their own customized version of the Trucker Path app to their carrier network gives brokers the ability to dispatch load details directly to drivers and track the progress of loads via an easy-to-use dashboard. Once deliveries are completed, the driver captures and uploads paperwork using the document scanner in the app for immediate processing.

“The value of Trucker Path for Brokerages extends beyond replacing cumbersome, manual, time consuming and error-prone freight management and paperwork processes for freight brokers and their customers,” Oliver stated. “For small to mid-size brokers it also increases efficiencies and carrier satisfaction.

“Carriers also benefit from all the productivity tools the Trucker Path app offers the nearly one million North American truckers who already rely on the app regularly for truck-safe navigation, destination entry/exit guidance, real-time parking availability, fuel discounts, and more,” Oliver added. “It helps make life on the road safer, easier and more productive for drivers while also helping improve recruiting and retention for brokers.”