The Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) announced the adoption of the Castle Country Project Area, aimed at enhancing the economic landscape of Carbon and Emery Counties through strategic infrastructure and sustainable development.

This new project area encompasses 2,185 acres across both counties and is designed to leverage the underutilized rail and logistic assets to stimulate substantial economic growth. The plan includes a comprehensive strategy for development that aligns with the state’s goals of fostering high-quality job creation and environmental sustainability.

“With the Castle Country Project Area, we are positioned to transform the region’s economic base from traditional industries to more diversified and sustainable sectors,” said Ben Hart, executive director with the UIPA.“This initiative will attract investments into the region, creating a ripple effect of benefits for local communities.”

The UIPA board, in collaboration with Carbon and Emery Counties, approved the project after consultations and environmental reviews to ensure the development aligns with community needs and regulatory requirements.

The project area plan includes the development of areas ready for immediate investment and the utilization of existing infrastructure to reduce upfront costs and accelerate growth.

"The Castle Country Project Area represents a pivotal moment for our community,” said Carbon County Commissioner Larry Jensen. “Through strategic collaboration and targeted development, we are not only anticipating economic growth but also ensuring it is done responsibly and sustainably to benefit our residents for generations to come."

In addition to economic development, UIPA commits to the preservation of the rich historical and cultural sites within the area.

"We are deeply committed to protecting the historical and cultural heritage that makes Castle Country unique,” said Green Rivery City Mayor, Ren Hatt. “Our development efforts will include measures to conserve these invaluable sites, ensuring that growth and preservation go hand in hand.”

The UIPA and local governments are committed to ongoing community engagement to ensure the development not only meets economic goals but also enhances the quality of life for residents in Carbon and Emery Counties.