HOUSTON - A Harris County (Texas) Court has returned a positive damage verdict in Sandbox Logistics’ 2016 dispute against Arrows Up alleging breach of a 2014 mutual NDA. 

“We believe in fair competition and are disappointed by the jury finding, but the process remains incomplete and we remain confident that our position will prevail,” said John Allegretti, founder and CEO of Arrows Up. “The complexities of this case stretch beyond the jury’s charge and must be addressed in the trial judgment phase. This case is all about enforceability and open competition. SandBox is attempting to stretch the boundaries of contract enforceability purely to stifle competition.” 

The jury’s preliminary damage award is focused on the alleged party’s agreements and several judicial rulings remain. “While the jury found for plaintiff on the contracts as written, we maintain that the contracts as written cannot be used to impede current or future Arrows Up business operations," said Kevin Shuba, CEO of OmniTRAX, the managing affiliate of Arrows Up.