Volvo Penta has designated Diesel Plus, CK Power, W.W. Williams Phoenix and Coastal Services as certified uptime dealers, representing the inaugural businesses to earn the recognition. The certification program is designed to help dealers minimize downtime through rigorous quality standards and implementation of streamlined processes that identify and address needs for prompt, efficient service.

Volvo Penta is introducing its new Certified Uptime Dealers program to improve customer satisfaction and maximize operator uptime.

Diesel Plus, CK Power, W.W. Williams Phoenix and Coastal Services became the first businesses to receive the certification after adopting a standardized process to provide rapid resolution for equipment repairs, helping operators streamline efficiency and keep their equipment running at optimal levels.

“As a total power solutions provider, Volvo Penta aims to facilitate an industrial service network that operates at the highest level,” said Victor Falkenby, director of dealer development for Volvo Penta. “Establishing a Certified Uptime Dealer program is an extension of our commitment, ensuring dealers offer a superior service experience that fosters customer confidence and helps maximize ROI.”

By minimizing downtime, Certified Uptime Dealers help operators keep equipment running smoothly – ensuring operational efficiency and output. Prompt problem, solving is facilitated through rapid response times and round-the-clock emergency services. Certified dealers maintain an extensive inventory to ensure customers get the parts they need, right when they need them.

Drive Customer Trust

Diesel Plus, CK Power, W.W. Williams Phoenix and Coastal Services became the first Certified Uptime Dealers in Volvo Penta’s program after implementing numerous modifications to ensure high-quality, customer-centric service processes. To qualify, dealers must meet various standards designed to support the evolving demands of a professional service network – including 24-hour emergency services, quick on-site response times, advanced tooling, parts availability and comprehensive service contracts.

“We want customers to know that we take uptime as serious as they do,” said Mike Perkins, owner of Diesel Plus. “Completing Volvo Penta’s uptime certification process has helped us maximize our support offerings and demonstrate the high degree of dedication we devote to service.”

“Building trust requires consistency and availability,” said Martin Anderson, owner of Coastal Services. “Being a part of Volvo Penta’s certified dealer network helps validate our approach and drive confidence with customers that we will be there when they need us.”

Set the standard

Volvo Penta’s Certified Uptime Dealers program is open to partners throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The selection criteria emphasize their commitment, support knowledge, and proven track record. Partners are chosen for demonstrating unwavering dedication and reliability as well as achieving high scores on a Dealer Operating Standard assessment.

“This ensures that everyone in the program adheres to the same high standards, with a focus on elevating performance to new levels,” said Falkenby.