A global e-commerce company has become the first to use VRR’s AAX Collapsible in a commercial setting. It placed the order for the folding version of the popular main-deck air cargo container to help it overcome a stubborn industry problem: an imbalance of ULDs.

“When we launched this innovative container last year, we were amazed by the reaction. People immediately saw its potential,” says Ben Lakerveld, Sales & Marketing Manager of VRR. “Now the container’s been certified, that potential can be unlocked. ULD managers now have a cost-effective way to simplify their repositioning and storage challenges.”

The AAX Collapsible has the same shape, capacity and durability as the standard AAX. However, it can be folded and stacked up to four high for repositioning by airplane.

For now, the specialist in e-commerce and express shipping plans to use these unique containers on one specific trade route. Once empty, they will be folded and stacked four high on the lower deck of a Boeing 767F for the return flight. The stack of containers will also be able to support the placement of additional consignments on top, allowing maximum use of cargo space.

“We’re keen to see how much of a difference the AAX Collapsible will have on our customer’s day-to-day operations,” says Lakerveld. “This and the AAY Collapsible have been developed to solve specific ULD operational challenges, so our customer’s data will show how our designs perform out there in the real world.”

The imbalance of the global ULD fleet is a real issue for all carriers and freight forwarders. Repositioning empty ULDs is both costly and time-consuming. It’s the reason VRR pulled out all the engineering stops to design the AAX Collapsible. However, this innovative ULD also offers huge benefits to those looking to cut their CO2 emissions—a bonus for ULD managers looking to reduce their fleet’s carbon footprint.

At VRR, the champagne corks are popping. “We’re delighted that such a reputable company is putting so much trust in our product,” says Lakerveld. “It’s a very exciting time for both companies.”