Wangfoong Transportation Limited, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Hong Kong, reported about several recentdemanding heavy cargo lift and transport operations:

Collect Generator Set by barge at Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal (Apr 2023)

Due to site and time constraints, Wangfoong (Hong Kong) collected the generator set by derrick barge at midnight with close supervision by the Marine Department. The swinging situation increased the difficulties on the lifting. Two tug boats were used to stabilize the lifting operation from upper floors to the barge.

Scopes included:

  • Method statement, risk assessment, permit application with authority
  • Barge delivery with lifting operations
  • Cargo positioning, riggers arrangement
  • Storage, inbound and outbound local handling

Grinder machine lifting and delivery (Apr 2023)

Commodity: Grinder machine with no package

Weight: 47 tons

Dimension: 17.31m L x 3.018m W x 3.645m H

Wangfoong (Hong Kong) arranged another night and convoy operation for land transportation of this over-weight and over-sized grinder machine. Two units of heavy lift lorry cranes were used to perform a tandem lifting. A pair of tailormade spreader beams were required to cater for the low headroom during lifting, in order to minimize the lifting height and avoid lifting gears touching the grinder machine body.

Scopes included:

  • Method statement, risk assessment, permit application with authority
  • Tandem lifting by 2 units of lorry cranes
  • Tailor-made spreader beam for lifting
  • Over-weight and over-size transportation
  • Cargo securing, night escort, safe lifting work in limited working area

Inland transit of Waste Heat Boiler (Boiler Block) (May 2023)

Commodity: Waste Heat Boiler (Boiler Block)

  1. Module 1 (size: 1747cm x 502cm x 431cm, weight 57,050kg)
  2. Module 2 (size: 1695cm x 502cm x 365cm, weight 39,400kg)
  3. Module 3 (size: 1695cm x 502cm x 430cm, weight 72,800kg)
  4. Iron Box 4 (size: 366cm x 160cm x 115cm, weight 4,150kg)
  5. Iron Box 5 (size: 690cm x 280cm x 134cm, weight 6,350kg)
  6. Iron Box 6 (size: 185cm x 150cm x 115cm, weight 2,450kg)

Wangfoong (Hong Kong) collected the cargo by crane barge alongside a China feeder vessel arriving at Hong Kong Port, and delivered the cargo to the site for unloading. Temporary traffic arrangement and escort trucks were arranged for over-size cargo land transportation. Due to limited space at the site entrance, Wangfoong had thorough planning including a site visit and turning point analysis to ensure smooth delivery by six steerable axles vehicle. The cargo was unloaded by tandem lifting with heavy lift mobile cranes at site.

Scopes included:

  • Port handling and formality
  • Operation plan, lifting plan, swept path analysis
  • Cargo receiving by crane barge
  • Warehouse storage
  • Heavy-load land transportation with tandem lifting operation
  • Temporary traffic arrangement (TTA)