Woodland Group are proud to introduce Woodland ‘Euro-Net’, delivering daily road freight groupage services to and from 70 destinations through a single European network in partnership with Online Systemlogistik (OSL).

Woodland’s ongoing commitment to speed, precision and reliability underpinned by a drive for innovative solutions and unparalleled customer service as well as performance for the last mile and for every mile has resulted in this new offering to help grow our customers’ businesses by providing true competitiveness within their supply chain.

Alan Langdon, European Trade Director, Woodland Group commented “Woodland Euro-net effectively integrates previously separate and distinguishable trade lanes, namely Ocean/Airfreight across the Atlantic, together with European collection and distribution capability - all through one company. Absolute and single management supported by resolute unison and standardization throughout the total operation results in previously wasteful historic cost being eradicated, faster speed and greater transparency. Ultimately this means for our clients a dependable, personalized and absolute responsiveness solution with Woodland being able to satisfy and sustain the individual and specific service requirements of our customers within the United States, across the Atlantic and throughout Europe.”

Alan Langdon, European Trade Director, Woodland Group
Alan Langdon, European Trade Director, Woodland Group

Woodland Euro-Net offers

  • A true to / from door service integrated with Woodland’s existing trade lane services
  • Personalized responsiveness/service
  • Daily driver accompanied vehicles
  • Standardized service levels
  • Full tracking and tracing
  • Over 25 years’ experience
  • On time performance management
  • Known and agreed lead times