During February to March 2024, Kamor Logistics Ltd. handled the transportation of a dismantled Jack Up Rig, weighing approx.. 2000 freight tons, with 35 skid and 3 containers, transporting from Ashdod Port in Israel to Moerdijk in The Netherlands.

Regarding the challenges, the Kamor Logistics Team chartered-in a General Cargo Coaster Vessel and provided the full service, from ‘free-on-truck’ at vessel’s side at load-port to ‘free-on-board’ at destination.

Additionally, they have managed for the pre-carriage formalities and arrangements, and managed the loading, stowage and lashing at load port; following with the voyage to cargo’s destination.

Upon arrival at Ashdod Port, the streamlined approach ensured efficient reception, and their team assured the proper loading and stowage in vessel’s hold according to the preapproved plan. Despite stormy weather and rough seas, their rigorous lashing and securing procedures ensured safe arrival at the destination, intact and satisfying both shippers and receivers.