XPO, a leading provider of innovative and sustainable end-to-end logistics solutions across Europe, has introduced 30 additional longer semi-trailer fleet (LST) vehicles in the UK and Ireland while reducing CO2e emissions by almost 1,000 tonnes or 7 million kilograms annually.

The specialized LSTs boost capacity by 180% compared to a single deck trailer, improving operational efficiency and environmental performance. This represents a further significant step towards XPO’s aim of carbon neutrality.

Dan Myers, managing director – UK and Ireland, XPO Logistics, said: “We’re finding ways of improving our environmental performance through rigor, challenge and partnership. Step by step, we are decarbonizing our customer’s supply chains.”

XPO Logistics is a leading innovative supply chain company in Europe, offering end-to-end logistics solutions that combine full-truckload, less-than-truckload, pallet distribution, last-mile delivery, global freight forwarding, and warehousing services. The company tailors its solutions to the specific needs of its customers in a wide range of industrial and consumer sectors.