ZEX provides a dedicated, speedy, and reliable solution for those seeking a competitively priced shipping alternative to airfreight. In response to the current increasing demand for expedited services, ZIM is relaunching ZEX, recognizing the need for swift and reliable shipping solutions. ZIM’s ZEX service is set to resume with its first departure from Yantian on November 22, 2023, with the following rotation: Xiamen – Yantian – Los Angels – Xiamen.

Key Features of the Renewed ZEX Service:

Best-in-market Transit Time: from South China to Los Angeles at just 12.5 days!

Space and Equipment Guarantee: no rolling over of cargo, ensuring timely and reliable delivery.

Late Cut-off from Yantian for Wednesday AM departure, providing flexibility and convenience to customers.

Monday Los Angeles Cargo Availability: same day cargo availability in WBCT LA terminal.

Dedicated In-Gate Lane: avoid general lines and queues with a dedicated gate-in lane for swift and efficient processing - no appointment needed.

Expedited Connection to Inland Locations including Joliet (Chicago), Memphis, Dallas, and Kansas City, providing comprehensive coverage.

ZIM is also offering ZEX customers, its A2ZIM premium service package, providing customers with exclusive and dedicated customer service features. This, combined with the ZEX advantages, makes it the most cost-effective solution for eCommerce and time-sensitive cargo in the market.

Eli Glickman, ZIM President, and CEO, stated, "Once more, we're putting into practice our core values, our Agility and Can-Do-Approach, to identify fast-changing market needs and provide a smart, fast solution. We listened to our customers, and I’m positive they will appreciate and enjoy the advantages it provides.

We are coming back to the Pacific Southwest with a fast, punctual, and reliable service. We aim to serve the growing needs of our customers for expedited service with our unique, well-known personal touch. This service is an excellent and reliable substitute for airfreight, with a much more affordable price and the best value for money."