PortCity uses virtual reality (VR) headsets around its facility.

While current digital technology offers added convenience and security for companies like PortCity Logistics, there is still more that can be done, according to CEO Eric Howell.

“The addition of more cameras will help track containers and give a better understanding of how long they have been sitting before transport. With regard to AI, we have virtual reality (VR) headsets that we use around the facility, which helps drive quality in the workplace. Down the road, we anticipate remote forklifts operating machinery and drones doing inventory counts as the workforce evolves and changes,” Howell predicted.

Adding to Howell’s comment, COO Rusty Bragg reported, “We’re already engaging with young kids in some locations. The VR technology lets them see how we can gamify ideas, and it shows them how VR can contribute to the transportation of freight.”

Looking to the future of PortCity Logistics, Howell explained how the company plans to grow – both within the company itself, as well as within the competitive logistics industry.

“In our company, we drive utilization and awareness with our team members by increased computer literacy and a better overall understanding of our business. By understanding the benefits of how we move freight, our team members are more actively involved in the company’s success. This also drives job security, which helps our employees take care of their families as well.”

Howell added, “I have to take responsibility for meeting our operational and financial goals. Like many other companies, if we don’t meet our goals, we have to ask, ‘how can we do better in the future’? At PortCity, there is a lot of opportunity for growth in our company and also in how we operate within the logistics industry. As we continue to drive solutions and meet the demands of our customers, it would be easy to see PortCity grow to 10 times bigger in the next five to 10 years.”

Summing up, Bragg pointed out, “To describe the culture at PortCity is to say that we’re here to win. We’re a strong competitor in our industry, and the opportunities for growth are out there. As we move forward, we plan to take advantage of these opportunities so we can continue our success well in the future.”