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What is "Self-Service"? Currently our Email accounts get bogged down with more junk than quality news items. In order to ensure our readers are getting the information they need to perform their job, we created this more efficient way of getting information directly into our system that eliminates the clutter and headaches involved with sifting through Emailed Press Releases. This is by approval only, and you can request access to this section of after registering as a standard member.

Self Service Tools: Press Release's Press Release tool allows you to submit Press Releases directly to our system. This allows us to preview and open your release to the public in the most efficient way possible. Guest Blog's Guest Blog tool allows you to submit a blog for review. Blogs need to be informational an interesting to our readers to be considered. Event Calendar's Event Calendar allows you to submit Event Details directly to our event calendar system. Resource Request's Resource Request tool allows you to submit companies and associations directly to our resource list at This allows us to preview and setup your resource in the most efficient way possible. Resources will be used for information such as the "About Company ABC" portion at the bottom of Press Releases, and allows News, Events and other related material to be linked with a particular company or association.