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Delayed progress of recovery operations at Vanterm

Recovery work is continuing at the GCT Vanterm container facility in the Port of Vancouver where all cargo-handling has ceased since the collapse last Monday of a gantry crane struck by an Evergreen ship, the Ever Summit. “The expectation is that the vessel operations will resume within this week,” GCT spokesperson Louanne Wong said.

Two floating cranes supporting the recovery operations at the damaged terminal at Canada’s largest port by GCT engineering and maintenance teams are in place. They are assisted by external contractors.

“While good progress was made last week aided by favourable weather, this past weekend’s progress was slowed as work had to cease during high winds, and it was also discovered that the crane’s boom structural integrity is more compromised than initially assessed,” Ms. Wong said.

“While we are disappointed that progress was stalled, our primary concern is for the safety of all those working with the terminal and vessel,” she said, adding: “We also continue to support the Transportation Safety Board’s work related to this incident.”

At the three other container terminals in the Port of Vancouver, it’s business as usual.

Leo Ryan
Leo Ryan

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