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SCPA refrigerated cargo grows rapidly

Refrigerated cargo is a rapidly growing business for the SCPA, primarily through exports of poultry and agriculture products. Refrigerated cargo volumes increased 35% from 2011 to 2014 (calendar years). Top on the list for CY 2014 were poultry (fresh and frozen), 32%, and meat (fresh and frozen), 25%. To support the capacity needs of this rapidly growing cargo segment, planned refrigerated cargo projects for FY2016 total $16.9 million, including: • Wando Welch will receive $7 million in upgrades to the reefer cargo service area and additional reefer racks and plugs • North Charleston Terminal will receive $3.3 million in expansion of refrigerated cargo area, including paving associated with the expansion and additional plugs Beyond SCPA’s planned on-terminal refrigerated cargo investments, private investments in cold storage and blast freezing capacity will support additional growth in this area. Last year New Orleans Cold Storage, Lineage Logistics and AGRO Merchants Group all announced plans to build or expand their capacity to serve SCPA’s refrigerated cargo segment. In addition, Charleston’s deepwater harbor is well-suited to accommodate the depth needs of vessels carrying heavier refrigerated cargo. CY2014 Refrigerated Products Handled by SCPA Top 10 Commodities
1. Poultry, Fresh & Frozen 32%
2. Meat, Fresh & Frozen 25%
3. Grapefruit & Lemons 9%
4. Pharmaceutical Drugs 6%
5. Grocery Products 4%
6. General Cargo 2%
7. Candy, Jam, Confections 2%
8. Milk, Eggs, & Produce 2%
9. Vegetables 1%
10. Fruits 1%
Source: PIERS
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