Change can be scary for many people. This is especially true when it involves new technology, such as using drones for deliveries. Many people are skeptical of the idea, which helps to create myths based on fear and not understanding how the system works. Dronedek is a company bringing drone delivery to the masses, and it is focused on helping to clear up the myths surrounding the idea of drone delivery services.

“Myths are usually the results of people not having a solid idea of how something works or projecting their fears about it,” says Dan O'Toole, founder, and chief executive officer of Dronedek. “Once people understand it more and see how drone delivery services can benefit them, they begin to embrace the idea. In fact, a recent survey shows that 87% of those surveyed like the idea of drone delivery."

For those who haven't seen drone delivery in action, it can be daunting to try and envision it. People tend to conjure up ideas of numerous flying objects making their way around the neighborhood, “Jetson’s” style. While some of the ideas behind drone delivery services may seem as futuristic, it’s much more utilitarian.

Here are 5 myths and truths about drone delivery services:

Theft concerns. People believe that drones will drop packages on the porch that will then be stolen. While millions of packages are stolen through traditional delivery routes, drone delivery eliminates that concern. Dronedek, for example, delivers the package to a secure receptacle that only the rightful owner can access.

Noise issues. Many believe drones will be noisy and disruptive in the community. Not only is this untrue, but when comparing it to loud delivery trucks running through the neighborhood, it is easy to see how drones come out ahead.

Weight of packages. The concern about drones being unable to handle the weight of boxes that need to be delivered is unfounded. Most packages can be safely delivered through drone usage. Even in traditional delivery, there are exceptions to what can be delivered by particular carriers.

Return policy concerns. There is no reason for concern regarding being able to return items that have been received through drone delivery methods. They will still be eligible for any returns the store or manufacturer offers.

Damaged items. There is a myth or concern that drone delivery will lead to packages being damaged in transit. The opposite is true because it ensures the packages reach the safe receptacle in excellent condition. Fewer damages take place with drone delivery services.

"Most of the myths spread regarding drone delivery services are due to concerns people have with the technology," adds O'Toole. "The good news is that our system improves delivery, making it more reliable for them and more cost-effective for companies. It's a win-win for everyone involved."