Actility and TWTG are excited to announce they have formed a partnership, which will open opportunities for more and wider LoRaWAN® applications by offering partners and customers clear benefits. Wirelessly connecting devices to the internet and managing communication between end-node devices and network gateways, is increasingly in demand for industrial applications. Both partners are firm believers that this revolutionises how industrial sites implement their digitalisation strategy.

Actility Group is a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure and geolocation services, demonstrating 10+ years of field experience in all regions of the world, with over 50 public networks and thousands of private networks. Dutch scale-up TWTG is at the vanguard of Industrial IoT solutions and has become market leader in LoRaWAN®-based sensors with IECEx / ATEX certification.

The partnership enables both companies to grow further in delivering dedicated I-IoT solutions to their customers. TWTG joins Actility’s Ignite Partner Program and ThingPark Community, whereas Actility increases its base in industrial solutions, notably in the Energy industry. A fine example of an industrial IoT use case, from TotalEnergies, has been presented at the LoRaWAN World Expo 2022. Customers implementing industrial solutions based on LoRaWAN® can now benefit from ready-to-use connectivity and easy integration.

Key in the partnership is Actility’s ThingPark® IoT platform, a multi-technology, open, hardware agnostic IoT platform allowing to deploy Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) worldwide. It offers a large LoRaWAN® product portfolio, which now also includes TWTG’s market leading sensors. ThingPark is open, hardware agnostic and supports all leading LoRaWAN® gateways, providing seamless administration interfaces and ensuring that partners can always use the hardware best suited for their use case, country of deployment, and budget. ThingPark implements open standard APIs and connectors to all leading IoT cloud platforms.