The AIN Group and BravoTran are very happy to announce cooperation in offering new services to the membership of AIN Group’s various logistics networks.All three of AIN Group’s networks will take part:

·  AerOceaNetwork (AON)

·  All-in-One Logistics Network (AiO)

·  XLProjects Network (XLP)

BravoTran technology is a logistics industry software as a service leader that focuses on making life much easier for the independent international freight forwarder. The company excels in document routing and logistics payables which are services in great need in the international logistics industry. 

On the document routing side of business, BravoTran uses state of the art OCR technology and machine learning to capture information from standard logistics documentation which limits document handling, cutting down on time spent per job. This in the end saves forwarding companies lots of money over their various bookings.

“BravoTran has already had more than one billion documents handled,” said Daniel Bateman of AIN Group,” Their list of clients is impressive and includes some of the best known companies in the industry. That attracted us to the idea of working with BravoTran to help our network members to automate their own logistics workflows.”

Also using OCR technology and machine learning, BravoTran Payables, speeds up logistics workflows by importing invoices from emails, collecting all of the important information needed by the forwarding company’s payables team. Invoices will be assigned to the correct jobs, discrepancies are flagged and the workflow is greatly streamlined.

“Our solution works efficiently with any kind of email system, which increases efficiency,” says Singapore based Rod Talbot, Vice President of BravoTran. “We can see that our results are good and our global forwarding clients are well satisfied.”

Both sides jointly announce that the cooperation, though in its infancy, has begun and that some AIN Group clients are already working with BravoTran.