SAN DIEGO - SmartDrive Systems, a leader in video-based safety and transportation intelligence, today announced that Alabama Motor Express, a full service transportation logistics company operating across the continental United States, has adopted the SmartDrive video-based safety program and transportation intelligence platform. After a lengthy competitive review and trial, Alabama Motor Express chose to install the SmartDrive® program across its entire fleet of 221 tractors to better protect and effectively coach drivers. “After the trial, choosing the SmartDrive platform was an easy decision for Alabama Motor Express,” said Dan Banner, safety director and recruiter at Alabama Motor Express. “The speed of installation and easy-to-use, effective coaching tools were important factors for us. We knew we wanted a fully-managed service like SmartDrive versus just a dash cam in order to actually help our drivers improve and be safer on the roads. It was also important for us to have a system with durable hardware to withstand extreme operating environments and enterprise-level support, keeping total cost of ownership within plan. SmartDrive fit the bill perfectly.”  Already, Alabama Motor Express has been able to leverage the SmartDrive program to reduce costs associated with claims and litigation, and has seen noticeable improvement in driver safety. Since adoption, the fleet has achieved a 37 percent improvement in its SmartDrive safety score, and has reduced speeding by 89 percent. As a result of coaching drivers to reduce speed, hard braking and other fuel-wasting habits, the company has also achieved a 1.7 percent increase in miles driven per gallon. Staunchly dedicated to safety, Alabama Motor Express sees the value in sophisticated technologies to protect its own drivers as well as others on the road. In addition to the SmartDrive program, the fleet also utilizes an automatic braking system and a leading collision avoidance system. Although the SmartDrive program is the first video-based system to be rolled out fleet-wide, many Alabama Motor Express drivers have long had a personal dash cam installed on their trucks, recognizing the clear benefits in terms of exoneration that only video provides. “I was thrilled when management told us we were getting a commercial-grade video-based system for the entire fleet,” said Ronald Batts, a driver for Alabama Motor Express. “I’ve had my own dash cam on my truck, but it’s a relief to have a reliable solution provided by the company—something I don’t have to worry about. With the SmartDrive system, my manager can send the video footage to my cell phone within minutes of an accident. I can then show law enforcement on the spot to clear myself of blame and get back behind the wheel quickly.” In addition to exoneration, Alabama Motor Express uses the SmartDrive program to coach drivers on improving safe driving skills and recognize drivers for good performance. A designated coach reviews video clips provided by the SmartDrive program and, depending on the level of risk, either calls drivers to offer quick tips for correcting unsafe habits or meets with them in person to review the footage and discuss safety skills. The coach also recognizes drivers for successfully avoiding collisions. “It’s hard to argue with video,” continued Banner. “Our drivers are professionals and pride themselves on their skills, but almost everyone has room for improvement. When they watch the video and see how habits they have may be risky, they’re very motivated to change.” Founded in 1988, Alabama Motor Express operates in 48 states and Canada. The company stresses product safety, on-time delivery and customer support, and invests in the technology to ensure superior service across all three facets. In addition to leading safety solutions, Alabama Motor Express also equips every tractor and trailer in its fleet with satellite communication to provide constant access and visibility to deliveries. “Alabama Motor Express places a premium on the safety of its drivers, as well as the motoring public,” said Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive. “As the pace of video adoption continues to accelerate, the measurable benefits and cost savings provided by a managed service have been proven by our customers. We’re honored to partner with such a safety-conscious company, and to support their commitment to protecting drivers, and upholding superior customer service.”