ARLINGTON, VA - The Aluminum Association today responded to the president’s announcement of a 10 percent tariff on aluminum entering the United States. The association was pleased that the decision excluded vital NAFTA countries Canada and Mexico and urges the administration to exempt other key trading partners that share our concerns about chronic Chinese aluminum overcapacity. A more targeted approach on tariffs will also protect vital supply chains for the 97 percent of U.S. aluminum workers in mid and downstream manufacturing processes.

“The president’s decision represents an opportunity to engage our critical trading partners on addressing persistent Chinese aluminum overcapacity,” said Heidi Brock, President & CEO of the Aluminum Association. “Now is the time to negotiate a long-term, enforceable agreement with China that tackles this perennial problem once and for all.”

As noted in a letter to the president earlier this week, China’s illegal subsidies to producers of both primary aluminum and semi-fabricated aluminum products have resulted in significant overcapacity in the market, hurting the plants and people of the U.S. industry. Chinese primary aluminum overcapacity continues to grow unabated, significantly distorting markets and encouraging illegal dumping. Excess capacity alone in China last year totaled 11 million metric tons of aluminum -- 40 percent of the rest of the world’s total production of 27.5 million metric tons.

“We look forward to continued dialogue with the administration as the tariff program is implemented and on constructive ways to promote a thriving U.S. aluminum industry,” added Brock.

President Trump has a great deal of discretion and flexibility in how the final tariff program is implemented. He has the authority to adjust the scope, the countries impacted, the nature of the remedy and the period of time the restrictions are in place. The Aluminum Association looks forward to working with the administration on monitoring market conditions to ensure the approach meets our shared goal of a robust and growing U.S. aluminum industry.