CHICO, Calif. - AmeraMex International, Inc. (OTC:AMMX), a provider of heavy equipment for logistics companies, infrastructure construction, and tactical military vehicles, received two equipment orders totaling $525,000.

The orders are for Taylor Equipment container handlers and forklifts, which are in inventory. The equipment will ship to a container yard in Salt Lake City, UT and to a small equipment rental business in Arkansas.

To date the company has recorded $7.3 million in equipment sales, $2.5 million in rental/rental-to-purchase agreements and $1.8 million five-year rental agreement with the US government.

According to AmeraMex CEO Lee Hamre, “Our equipment sales goal was $10.0 million for 2017. While we may miss our equipment sales goal, we substantially increased cash flow with rental revenue and a maintenance agreement that began November 1, 2017.

“During the month of December we have an opportunity to potentially book another half million in equipment sales since companies can take a 50 percent bonus depreciation as a tax write off if the equipment is purchased before the end of 2017.”