On March 25th, the APL Chu Lai Express (CHX) service will depart for China with the first reefer shipment of bananas from the Chu Lai Tam Hiep Port in Quang Nam. This marks the beginning of more reefer shipments ahead from the port as Truong Hai Automobile Joint-Stock company (THACO) recently inaugurated a new cold storage facility and further develops its logistics infrastructure in the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone.

Arnaud Coudray, APL Chief Commercial Officer said, “The milestone marks the inroads we are making with the CHX service that started a direct route to Chu Lai in Central Vietnam last year. The service is dedicated to serving Chu Lai’s emerging industrial zones in Quang Nam and her neighbouring Central Coast and Central Highlands provinces. APL’s CHX service has been growing as part of the business ecosystem that enables Vietnamese exporters and importers to gain immediate access to South China and Hong Kong where cargoes are relayed worldwide.”
Each week, the CHX service calls the ports of Chu Lai, Hong Kong and Shekou (China). From the latter two trans-shipment hubs, shippers get connected to more Intra-Asia markets such as Japan, Korea and Singapore; as well as farther destinations such as North America, the Middle East and Europe among others via APL’s extensive service network.
More than just an ocean carrier, APL is also synonymous with its SMART reefer technologies. Among its reefer solutions include SMARTcare+, an atmospheric regulating technology that preserves the quality of perishable cargoes over time and distance. Meanwhile, APL’s SMARTcool eradicates pests without the need for fumigation. The cold treatment solution ensures fresh produce arrive in their finest conditions and meet stringent quarantine requirements at destinations.
THACO’s investments in Quang Nam signifies its ambition to further facilitate Vietnam’s agricultural export. Similarly, APL is set to deliver the freshest harvest of Vietnam to the world, leveraging its CHX service, extensive global network and SMART reefer technologies.