WEST WARICK, R.I. – The Arpin Charitable Fund, also known as Arpin Strong, held a clothing drive this fall after a Mexico-based moving company, Atlasmex Relocations, lost four of its men in the Mexican earthquake in September. The clothing, which arrived January 5 in Mexico City, was offered to the families of those left behind.

On September 19, a terrible earthquake shook Mexico City and caused over 40 buildings to collapse. This tragedy resulted in over 300 deaths and rendered thousands homeless. Four movers from Atlasmex Relocations were helping a couple to pack on that fateful day. All six people were tragically killed in the quake. The company put out a call for help to the international moving community to support the families left behind, including 12 children. Arpin Strong responded.

“Arpin Strong wanted to help and we sent a donation,” said Mark Dearborn, president of Arpin Strong. “However, we wanted to do more and decided to assist by hosting several regional clothing drives to collect items for 12 children, including an unborn child, who no longer have a father in their life.”

Arpin Strong and several Arpin agents that held clothing drives in November included:

  • Arpin Headquarters: West Warwick, Rhode Island
  • Arpin International Group Boston: Tyngsboro, Massachusetts
  • Able Moving and Storage: Amherst, New Hampshire
  • Allen Young Movers: Hyde Park, Massachusetts
  • Olympia Moving: Watertown, Massachusetts

Together, they collected 26 large moving boxes of clothes, including a baby swing.

“I was completely blown away at the response to this clothing drive and the amount of items received for these families in need,” said Dearborn. “The international moving community is like a family and we help each other when it’s needed most.”

Freightsaver.com of Hunting Beach, California, helped ship the goods from Massachusetts to Laredo, Texas, at no cost. From Laredo, the shipment crossed the border to be delivered to the families of earthquake victims.

“That is so cool and, to be honest, I like this much better than the money donations,” said Brian Lickerman, owner of Atlasmex Relocations. “This means so much from the heart and that people came together. Thank you so much.”