Partnerships with Loadsmart, 123Loadboard and C.H. Robinson help carriers maximize driver schedules with the most profitable loads

Axele, LLC, a Transportation Management System (TMS) company, announces the company has upgraded its TMS software to include new integrations for factoring and load boards and new features for dispatch and settlement. The latest upgrades expand the software to better maximize driver schedules with the most profitable loads.

“Axele continually updates its software with significant new features and integrations monthly that will help customers find more loads, keep track of safety and preventive maintenance issues, improve cash flow with factoring, and monitor dispatcher commissions and tractor settlements,” said Ravi Ahuja, Founder of Axele. “Our customers benefit from these powerful new features by becoming more profitable.”

The new upgrade to the Axele TMS includes:

New dashboard KPIs for safety and preventive maintenance issues. This dashboard will show the number of drivers, tractors, and trailers having warning and critical issues to help with safety and preventive maintenance. The Assets, Drivers, Tractors, and Trailers list pages will show the counts of warning and critical issues.

Integration with TAFS factoring. TAFS will advance payments with a one-hour advance option so that trucking companies will get their money faster, improving cash flow. Rather than waiting for a customer to remit payments TAFS quickly advances a percentage of the invoice. This steady cash flow helps fund critical business expenses such as payroll, fuel, insurance, and maintenance. Axele’s integration with TAFS automates the process for carriers to submit documentation to TAFS, which means carriers get paid even faster.

Loadboard Integrations.

  • Loadsmart load board provides free truckloads to help carriers find the correct freight to keep trucks full.
  • 123Loadboard load board is a freight matching marketplace to find loads and truck freight.
  • C.H. Robinson load board provides a large number of load opportunities across North America.

Connection to the Verizon Connect Marketplace. Axele integrates Hours of Service (HOS) data directly from Verizon Connect so that dispatchers can find the right load for their drivers and the correct driver for the load considering available HOS, driver preferences, load profitability, and more. Axele’s partnership with Verizon Connect and inclusion within its marketplace means carriers can maximize their driver schedules with the most profitable loads and provide accurate ETAs to shippers and brokers with automated tracking links. 

New Features:

  • Dispatcher Commission – This new feature allows companies to manage dispatcher commission calculations on each load and add payment terms for each dispatcher. When assigning a dispatcher to a load, their commission amount is calculated automatically. Users can easily create commission reports for dispatchers for completed loads.
  • Tractor Settlement – This new feature allows users to create custom tractor settlements for tractor owners by adding payment terms for each tractor. When assigning a tractor to a load, the owner’s settlement amount is calculated automatically. Users can easily create settlement reports for tractor owners for completed loads.
  • New Load Templates enable users to create and save templates for commonly repeated loads, thereby reducing the time to create loads even further.

The Axele TMS now supports the Texas DOT ruleset for carriers who comply with federal FMCSA and Texas ELD rulesets. The rulesets can be applied by driver.