The delivery supports the city’s Sustainability and Climate Action Program and the goal of having an all-electric, carbon-neutral San Francisco by 2040.

As part of the program, Muni ordered 12 battery-electric buses, including three from BYD. The buses were tested on SFMTA’s most challenging routes, and data will be gathered on how the battery-electric vehicles respond to San Francisco’s uniquely hilly streets.

“SFMTA is proud to be a leader in addressing the climate crisis”, said Julie Kirschbaum, Director of Transit for SFMTA. “We’re committed to embracing the greenest fleet possible and getting people out of private vehicles and into more sustainable modes of transportation.” 

The BYD K9MD can seat up to 42 passengers and includes 2 ADA-compliant wheelchair positions. Equipped with the industry’s safest batteries, the BYD buses will provide its passengers with reliable, smooth, and sustainable transportation throughout beautiful San Francisco. 

“BYD is proud to work with SFMTA. Muni has shown time and time again that the city is a leader in providing safe and sustainable transportation,” said BYD Senior Vice President Patrick Duan. “San Francisco has always set a wonderful example for the importance of public transportation, and we couldn’t be happier to support a program that’s striving towards 100% electrification.” 

The buses were built by members of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, and Transportation (SMART) Workers Union, Local 105, in BYD’s manufacturing facility located in Lancaster, California