C.H. Robinson recently reported the successful delivery of compressor train components from Japan to the U.S. Two pieces were imported from Japan and shipped by the ocean on a part charter to the Port of Houston.

Once in Houston, the pieces were used to build a compressor train weighing 79.8 metric tons and measuring 10.67 x 4.62 x 4.62 meters.

Since that size of freight qualifies as a superload, C.H. Robinson utilized their broad carrier network to secure the specialized heavy haul equipment needed to transport the compressor train. With the use of a THP Modular trailer, the compressor train was trucked 25 miles from the port to a plant in downtown Houston.

The timing was key to this project’s success. The equipment needed to be delivered within a specific window because the refinery had to shut down operations to be able to install it.

To ensure everything went smoothly, the project logistics experts at C.H. Robinson took care to properly plan the loading and securing of the compressor train the day before so that transport time would be reduced.

"Careful planning and ongoing communication with our contract carrier were key to staying on schedule with this time-sensitive project."