Cargo Community Network (CCN) has announced a major expansion of its global business with the launch of CUBEforall, a new open data collaboration platform which allows freight forwarders and logistics players to create a unified, efficient workflow for sharing data and optimize processes by harnessing the power of collaboration and reusing business information.

Since 1991, CCN has been pioneering IT solutions for the air cargo community. The company has evolved to provide a suite of innovative and intelligent solutions to freight forwarders, amongst other stakeholders in the industry. With the launch of CUBEforall, CCN is furthering its commitment to simplifying the complex process of data exchange for the benefit of everyone involved in the global cargo community.

CUBEforall is designed to improve transparency and productivity by implementing open standards. It is compatible with a range of external systems and will be made available for logistics service providers with the technological capability to offer their clients a global service. In an effort to provide superior customer service, CCN has invited products of its competitors to join its agnostic platform thereby assembling together the leading logistics providers in a single global network.

This adoption of a multi-vendor platform represents an acknowledgement of the need for diverse service providers collaborating in the global supply chain. This shift away from a reliance on a single-vendor solution will give freight forwarders more freedom and options to choose from to meet their requirements.

CUEBforall was officially launched on 9th November 2022 at the Singapore Expo, where it will mark the beginning of a new era for global logistics as it aims to bring leading logistics providers to the platform to provide value added products and services to the global air cargo community. CUBEforall has already established itself with several logistic partners and has now added ** CO2 Connect, Convoi, Eurora Solutions, and Logship to the list. With these new partnerships comes the ability to choose from a variety of providers and bridge any gaps in their user’s logistics chain.

** CO2 Connect helps transport and logistic companies embark on their sustainability journey by tracking and managing their carbon emissions; Convoy, a pioneer in the building of a digital supply network, specializes in providing logistics services for full truck load (FTL, FCL), etc.; Eurora Solutions enables eCommerce sellers and logistics providers to manage cross-border compliance; Logship provides a platform that helps local retailers reduce logistics costs and increase the efficiency of their distribution of goods.