Hamburg Süd first to adopt CargoSphere eSUDS Connector

  • CargoSphere combines deep domain experience and innovation to pioneer this standardized structure for transmitting ocean rates to its neutral rate network. 
  • Newly created API (application programming interface) enables any ocean carrier to stream rate and surcharge data to its global customers on CargoSphere.
  • Ocean carrier input proved vital in designing a flexible solution for all carriers and their distinct pricing structures.
Chapel Hill, NC – CargoSphere, the neutral rate network for container shipping, today announces the launch of eSUDS Connector, a universal rate structure and API for ocean carriers to accelerate 100% digital rate distribution to customers.

eSUDS Connector offers carriers a standard API to transfer confidential customer contracts, amendments and global surcharge tariffs to the CargoSphere neutral rate network using a common data format and structure. The data is processed through CargoSphere’s eSUDS (electronic Smart Upload and Diagnostics Solution) engine and made available to forwarder and shipper customers in real-time.

CargoSphere’s collaboration with the world’s top ocean carriers ultimately led to a common data model that takes into account the unique ocean pricing practices of each carrier. This flexible approach meets the distinct needs and data structures of today’s ocean carrier leaders. The industry has been challenged to digitalize ocean rates as each ocean carrier has its own discrete systems, underlying business logic and data structures.

The eSUDS Connector aids in strengthening ocean carrier – customer relationships by eliminating the volumes of manual work of rate management that create massive constraints in pricing operations. A new level of productivity, accuracy, and rate access will be achieved as rate data flows seamlessly in real-time.

“We have been working for nearly twenty years to systematize ocean rate management and distribution to break this tedious, time-consuming, and unproductive paradigm. This is a major milestone for the company and industry. With the acceleration of digitalization, the ocean carrier community is ready to adopt smart innovations where they make sense. Hamburg Süd and other leading global carriers are already using eSUDS Connector and we expect rapid adoption in the container shipping industry,” said Neil Barni, Managing Director of CargoSphere.