A proprietary process to lead occupier decisions on industrial & logistics real estate

Los Angeles - CBRE today introduced Intelligent Site Selection, its proprietary process for advising e-commerce companies and other occupiers on the broad, evolving scope of factors that can influence their use of Industrial & Logistics real estate and how it enhances their supply chain and distribution.

Intelligent Site Selection provides occupiers with access to CBRE’s industry-leading experts in supply chain network design, labor analytics, incentives, project management, and transaction management. Each field directly affects the design and operation of modern supply chains and distribution networks.

“Traditional methods of site selection for distribution centers and warehouses – which often overlook analysis of tradeoffs from multiple angles – no longer apply in the modern logistics era,” said Adam Mullen, CBRE’s Americas Leader for Industrial & Logistics. “The scale, speed and ubiquity of modern logistics networks require a more intelligent approach, combining knowledge of labor markets, the intricacies of supply chain design, the availability of economic incentives and other factors. CBRE is uniquely positioned to provide this full-picture view to help occupiers make informed business decisions including and beyond real estate.”

The scope of CBRE advisory services available through Intelligent Site Selection includes:

  • Supply Chain Advisory: CBRE’s Supply Chain Advisory practice includes 15 supply chain experts stationed in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia to assist clients in designing, evaluating and enhancing global supply chains.
  • Labor Analytics: CBRE’s Labor Analytics Group of 20 site-selection experts has assisted companies with labor analysis and consulting on thousands of assignments over the past 25 years. The practice uses deep market knowledge, extensive data sources and CBRE’s Global LaborView software tool for analyzing and comparing data on labor markets.
  • Location Incentives: CBRE clients have collectively earned several billion dollars of economic incentives with guidance from CBRE’s Location Incentives practice. E-commerce distribution companies, as high-volume job generators, sometimes qualify for these awards.
  • Project Management: CBRE’s Project Management practice advises clients on the programming, design, construction and improvement of Industrial & Logistics real estate, designing real estate that matches companies’ operational needs.
  • Transactions: CBRE’s more than 1,250 Industrial & Logistics professionals advise clients on every step of a real estate transaction, from feasibility and lease administration to property management and capital markets requirements. The unrivaled breadth of CBRE’s platform allows clients to investigate and execute transactions in any market under any circumstances.
  • Location Intelligence: CBRE uses its proprietary Dimension technology to present for clients, in digital, map-style format, data-supported insight into the many market variables that influence their real estate decisions about multiple sites. Dimension harnesses relevant data from multiple public, commercial and proprietary sources to allow companies to study locations through extensive, relevant and current data and insights.