Beam Global, (Nasdaq: BEEM), a leading provider of innovative and sustainable infrastructure solutions for the electrification of transportation and energy security, announced that the City of Vacaville has deployed three EV ARC™ solar-powered EV charging systems for use by the general public. The systems were purchased through the California Department of General Services (DGS) Contract #1-22-61-16, which serves to simplify the government procurement process and make select solutions available statewide at the best negotiated pricing.

The order aligns with the City of Vacaville’s continued commitment to sustainable energy and conservation efforts with its General Plan and Energy and Conservation Action Strategy (ECAS). These initiatives aim to propel Vacaville towards a greener future by promoting the adoption of sustainable energy practices and resource conservation measures, aligning with the city's overarching goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“The deployment of EV charging infrastructure represents a monumental shift in Vacaville's approach towards sustainable transportation,” said City of Vacaville Mayor John Carli. “By embracing this initiative, we are not only investing in the future of mobility but also demonstrating our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation for Vacaville residents.”

The EV ARC™ charging systems each fit in a standard parking space without taking up valuable parking availability and because they are off-grid, Beam EV ARC™ systems are deployed with no electrical work, no construction and no utility bill, reducing the City’s costs by eliminating construction, electrical upgrades, operational disruptions and ongoing utility bills. Powered by 100% renewable energy, EV ARC™ systems generate and store their own clean electricity to power EVs day or night, as well as being a reliable source of power during inclement weather and power outages.

“While a majority of our municipal deployments have been for fleet vehicles, this order is significant in that the EV ARCs will be used for public charging which is a trend we see increasing and, we believe, opens a new set of opportunities for Beam Global,” said Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Beam Global. “As California anticipates 12.5 million EVs by 2035 and the need for 1.2 million chargers by 2030, the EV ARC offers a rapidly deployed, scalable and sustainable solution to support the growing number of EVs owned and operated by the public as well as government fleets."

California's EV market share surged to 25% of all automobiles sold in California in 2023, up from 18.84% in 2022, marking a record-breaking year for the state's EV goals. California has maintained its leadership in EV adoption, achieving record levels and representing 34% of the nation's new light-duty zero-emission vehicle sales last year.1 To support this widespread adoption, California aims to install 1.2 million public and shared private chargers by 2030. Beam’s EV infrastructure is able to be rapidly deployed within hours without the permit, construction and electrical delays that often plague grid-tied charger installation processes. In addition, Beam EV ARC™ systems are resilient against the natural disasters that Californians often experience including floods, fires, earthquakes and because they do not rely on the utility grid, they are able to stay online during widespread and increasingly frequent power outages.