Cleo, the pioneer and global leader of the Ecosystem Integration software category and provider of the Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) platform, today introduced CIC ORCA (Order-to-Cash Automation), a supply chain integration and automation portal that delivers an “eCommerce to EDI” workflow for B2B buyers – without them needing to learn, invest, or understand how EDI works.

CIC ORCA is a natural extension of CIC, Cleo’s flagship ecosystem integration platform, eliminating the inefficiencies, errors, and risks of a non-EDI ordering, fulfillment, and invoicing process by offering a single digitalized point of control and automation for B2B order management.

CIC ORCA is deployed by manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors who must cater to the modern B2B buyer’s preferences for ease-of-use, self-service, and efficiency when procuring goods, getting delivery updates, and receiving invoices from their suppliers. In an era shaped by the “Amazon Effect,” suppliers are increasingly expected to emulate the B2C buying experience.

According to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer report, a survey of more than 2,200 business stakeholders, 82% of B2B buyers want a consumer-like, self-service buying experience akin to Amazon, suggesting that manually managed B2B order processes are going the way of the dinosaur. And that’s a welcome and positive trend, considering the U.S. manufacturing sector loses well over $100 billion annually just from holding on to outdated manual processes, based on estimates derived from government data.

“Order automation is a critical must-have for every manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor doing business today. CIC ORCA not only improves the B2B buying experience, it reduces the risks inherent in less secure, more error-prone, and antiquated ordering methods, such as email, phone calls, and faxing,” said Mahesh Rajasekharan, President and CEO of Cleo. “By enabling these suppliers to digitalize their order management process and simultaneously give customers the eCommerce-like experience they expect, CIC ORCA delivers competitive advantage by improving operational efficiencies, reducing cost of goods sold (COGS), improving margins, and accelerating revenue cycles.”

How it works

CIC ORCA combines a seamless, digitalized experience for the purchasing process with a fully optimized, self-service B2B buyer experience. For established and growing brands to multinational suppliers alike, CIC ORCA enables these suppliers to streamline operational costs and drive growth by bringing greater control over their ecosystem of buyers through an easy-to-use web portal that benefits both ends of every purchasing transaction.

For sellers, CIC ORCA offers a seamless gateway for Order-to-Cash automation – translating B2B eCommerce orders into EDI transactions to directly integrate them into back-office ERP systems. For buyers, it makes B2B buying easier on multiple levels:

 Delivers an Amazon-like experience by enabling B2B buyers to:

o Place and manage their orders through a web-based portal.

o Access digital product catalogs for real-time inventory data.

 Standardizes and centralizes buyer and seller interactions by:

o Eliminating manual interactions and reducing human error.

o Providing automation benefits of EDI without training buyers on EDI technology.

 Improves business relationships and strengthens visibility, control, and trust by:

o Providing buyers with everything they need to know on order, shipment, or invoice status, and generating automated response documents in real time.