Cleo today announced enhancements to its global partner program, specifically around expanding the benefits for members of its rapidly growing System Integrator channel. Since launching in mid-2018, Cleo’s System Integrator channel has grown to more than three dozen new partners, all focused on delivering Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) to companies in the manufacturing, wholesale, logistics and retail industries. Cleo works closely with partners serving these sectors to help joint customers modernize their eCommerce, ERP, WMS, TMS or other enterprise solutions to create competitive differentiation. Cleo’s System Integrator partners include Cognizant, Astra, Inc., Data Communications Solutions, Wavicle Data Solutions, Ajna Consulting, and Clients First Business Solutions, among dozens of other expert organizations.

Under the enhanced program, Cleo System Integrator partners can expect to capture revenue not only on the initial sale but annually throughout the contract via managed services, implementation services, and other consulting opportunities; have direct access to CIC through a self-service model that enables them to provide services directly to joint customers; receive formalized training and certification through Cleo University; as well as gain exclusive access to upcoming updates and extensions to the CIC platform.

Currently Cleo’s System Integrator channel drives approximately ten percent of the company’s annual revenue, a percentage expected to balloon as cloud adoption takes hold and demand for ecosystem integration solutions rises. And given the massive investments being made in cloud infrastructure by major players like IBM, Amazon, Microsoft and others, Cleo believes its invitation for more System Integrator partners is well timed.

“As the prime innovator of the ecosystem integration software category, Cleo is redefining B2B integration in the cloud by blending API- and EDI-based integration on a single platform, and frequently working with partners to orchestrate integrations to back-end systems with unparalleled end-to-end visibility and roles-based user experiences,” said Ken Lyons chief revenue officer for Cleo. “Forward-looking system integrators should choose Cleo not only to capitalize on the cloud infrastructure movement, but also to help enterprises modernize their WMS, TMS, eCommerce and ERP solutions as quickly and effortlessly as possible given how fast the shift to the cloud is happening.”

What’s becoming essential for companies, Cleo says, is having end-to-end integration visibility and real-time control across mission-critical business processes like order-to-cash or procure-to-pay. On the front end, a B2B eCommerce solution is generally expected: According to Gartner, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels by 2025 because buyers now prefer a “seller-free” sales experience. But backend systems, like ERPs and CRMs, also need to be connected and integrated. That’s why Cleo, the integration industry’s only provider of ecosystem integration with true API and EDI integration, self-service, and end-to-end visibility, is poised to make its System Integrator partners successful.

Data Communications Solutions (DCS) and Cleo partnered earlier this year to help enterprises modernize their B2B initiatives by focusing on integrating EDI and API-based transactions into ERP systems through the CIC platform. “As you work to grow and innovate your business offerings, keeping your B2B software running at optimal performance is essential. Consolidating EDI, API, and data movement requirements via the single-platform approach enabled by Cleo Integration Cloud is an intelligent and modern way to accelerate business results,” said Ryan Turner, DCS sales director.