On-board system handles customer management, resource planning and mobile marketing tasks

Imagine if a delivery vehicle could be an integral part of a fleet management solution and not simply a business asset. What if it could directly contribute to the company's payback and profitability instead? Enter the CleverPod CP-01 – equipped with a revolutionary fleet management system onboard.

In today's competitive environment, fleet managers need to optimise performance for each transport unit. However, this work is typically limited to careful and regular maintenance to avoid any issues and ensure the vehicle's availability. Yet, the CP-01 takes optimisation to a whole new level and converts the humble delivery vehicle into a profit-generating tool.

With CleverPod's fleet management system, each vehicle is equipped with an interface linked to customer management(CRM) or resource planning (ERP) tools. Thus, a manager can assign and control individual tasks for the operator during a shift. They can optimise route management in real-time and change or modify orders on the fly.

The interface will also allow operators to receive payments through linked payment gateways. In this situation, the driver can receive payments for goods upon delivery. Individual operators can promptly pay for their use of the machine if they are part of a vehicle sharing program.

"Only the seamless operation of a vehicle fleet can achieve prompt payback or profitability," says CleverPod CEO Alexander Yuryev. "We've created a fleet management system that can transform the vehicle from a simple asset into a tool that can help optimise revenues."

This fleet management system can also provide access to media content to stream video or audio advertising onto the vehicle's external display. It can be remotely controlled from the business HQ or will operate autonomously in the field. Marketing staff can program the system to show specific content at certain locations based on GPS positioning. They will be able to target their message with granular precision and make quick changes as necessary.

"Our system will automatically assess operator and fleet performance," continues Yuryev. "It'll allow managers to keep a close eye on those operators as well, to maximise performance and ensure safety."

CleverPod's Fleet Management System is just one part of the revolutionary CP-01 - a smart, electric three-wheeler that will redefine the world of express delivery.