Thousands of freight forwarders around the world will soon be able to book shipments with Continental Airlines Cargo online through CPS

Continental Airlines Cargo will become the latest carrier to join Unisys-operated Cargo Portal Services CPS). CPS is a leading electronic booking and shipment management service for the air cargo industry. Continental’s participation gives the company’s air cargo clients a free, Web-based facility to manage bookings and track shipments through a neutral portal.

“We joined CPS based on customer requests and a desire to leverage the efficiencies that today’s technology provides,” said Jack Boisen, vice president, Cargo at Continental Airlines. “We are very impressed by the forwarders’ enthusiastic use of CPS and look forward to making all of our cargo business available through the service to all customers by mid-2005. As the role of e-business grows, we will work with other CPS carriers to remain one of the most innovative cargo airlines.”

CPS users have been asking many airlines to join the service so that they can do more business online. It is gratifying to see a major carrier such as Continental Airlines Cargo respond to forwarders’ needs,” said Christopher Shawdon, vice president of Logistics Solutions at Unisys. “We welcome them, their ideas and their experience.”

The Unisys development and operation of Cargo Portal Services is part of the company’s strategic effort to give companies and governments greater visibility into their global supply chains. Within its logistics portfolio and under separate agreements, Unisys also serves many of the world’s major air cargo organizations through its Logistics Management System, Hosting and Integration Services and In-transit Service Manager solutions.