• First landmark event since the acquisition of 29.99% stake of OMA by VINCI Airports.
  • This development plan will increase by 50% the passenger capacity.
  • This is part of a 5-year and 400+ million euros investment program to reinforce Monterrey as a major international hub.
  • OMA is a key business partner for the country.

OMA, of which VINCI Airports is the main shareholder, which holds 13 airports in Mexico, inaugurated the first phase of a 400 million euros investment program at Monterrey International Airport.

This delivery is a major milestone of a 5-year expansion program that will bring a significant step in the ongoing expansion of Mexico. The overall objective is to increase by 50% the Monterrey airport passenger service capacity, by providing close to 18 million passengers annually.

This investment outlines OMA's steadfast commitment to enhancing and modernizing airport infrastructure in the region of Nuevo León, positioning it as an increasingly vital hub for national and international connectivity.

This program has been designed by OMA’s team with VINCI Airports’ support to provide a seamless and enhanced experience for all travelers through:

  • 70 check-in desks, self-service, and bag-drop facilities
  • 10,000 sqm of commercial plaza at the heart of the building,
  • A next-generation and more efficient security check for departing passengers,
  • An integrated and automatized baggage handling system,
  • Two piers for additional seating areas and boarding gates,
  • New and expanded baggage reclaim areas both national and international.

At this occasion, Nicolas Notebaert, CEO of VINCI Concessions and President of VINCI Airports said: “I would like to congratulate the OMA and VINCI Airports teams who have completed the first stage of this major project for Monterrey airport. VINCI Airports' commitment to OMA is to support the economic growth of Northern Mexico, in particular by increasing terminal capacity for passengers and improving their travel experience."

Monterrey International Airport solidifies its status as the primary air hub in the northern region of the country, boasting a network of 38 direct national destinations and 22 international destinations, serviced by 8 national and 5 international airlines.

Since 2022 and the acquisition of 29.99% of OMA, VINCI Airports supports its vast investment program of 800+ million euros launched in 2021, for the expansion and the renovation of OMA’s 13 airports.