JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- CSX Corporation (NASDAQ: CSX) today announced a new operating management structure that decentralizes operational and support functions. Designed to enhance safety, improve service, accelerate decision making and drive operating efficiency, the changes are a continuation of the company’s scheduled railroading transformation.

“This is a proven model that pushes decision making closer to the day-to-day field operations and eliminates bureaucracy and long-standing silos within our business,” said James M. Foote, CSX president and chief executive officer. “This new structure highlights the strength of CSX’s extremely talented operating leadership team, and will enable the company to continue driving performance improvements in a more effective and efficient way.”

The new operating management structure results in the following leadership appointments, all reporting to Ed Harris, Executive Vice President of Operations for CSX:

  • Bob Frulla – Senior Vice President, Operations East
  • Jermaine Swafford – Senior Vice President, Operations West
  • Jamie Boychuk - Senior Vice President, Network Operations
  • Amy Rice – Vice President, Intermodal Operations

Operating Management Structure Highlights:

  • Creation of an East and West structure with leaders responsible for all three major operations functions including transportation, mechanical and engineering. Bringing these three functions under the new operating management structure will drive significant efficiencies.
  • The embedding of support functions including human resources, labor relations, claims and finance employees in the day-to-day field operations of the railroad. This will improve the speed of decision making and enhance accountability.
  • Oversight of safety programs, policies and practices will fall under the leadership of Jim Schwichtenberg, Vice President and Chief Safety Officer, with resources also embedded in the field.
  • Network-focused functions will remain centralized including service design, dispatching, crew management, positive train control and locomotive and car management.
  • System engineering and mechanical including locomotive shops, capital projects, back shop maintenance, communications and signals, design and construction, and regulatory compliance will fall under Brian Barr, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Mechanical.

“We are making a fundamental shift from a headquarters-centric organization to one in which all functions are aligned with our core mission to provide the industry’s best transportation product for our customers,” said Foote.