D.J. Powers Company, Inc., one of Georgia’s oldest and fastest growing logistics companies is pleased to announce the acquisition of N.D. Cunningham & Company, Inc, one of Alabama’s oldest and most revered logistics firms.  This acquisition represents a continuation of D.J. Powers’ strategic growth in important ports and trade lanes in order to enhance our global service capabilities.  As our customers global logistics requirements grow, we are insuring our capabilities grow with them. This partnership not only expands D.J. Powers’ national footprint by creating eight US offices, but also provides

N.D. Cunningham’s customers an international presence with D.J. Powers’ overseas offices and networks.  
Founded in the late 1800’s and acquired in 1945 by Mr. N.D. Cunningham, N.D. Cunningham is headquartered in Mobile, Alabama and has grown from its original roots in the export of lumber and cotton to include all services for international transportation and logistics.  With over 100 years experience, N.D. Cunningham & Company ensures quality service and innovative solutions to efficiently expedite customers’ shipments.
“D.J. Powers and N.D. Cunningham & Co. have worked together on many shipments over the years and came to realize how well the two companies worked together and thus what a dynamic team they would make together” said Martin Cunningham.  “George, Rhett and I have known each other for well over 20 years and have been friends outside of our professional lives”.  
“This partnership is a testament to our shared philosophies of providing quality service, and the most innovative solutions to improve the logistics process for our clients. These are the qualities we value at D.J. Powers, and our shared philosophies and work ethics are the critical components that make this acquisition work so well” said Rhett Willis, President of D.J. Powers Company. “We are very focused on the future and this merger allows us to provide enhanced support with industry leading IT, industry expertise and compliance services to complement
N.D. Cunningham’s experienced personnel and loyal customer base.”