Davies Turner is seeing excellent results from a service that it introduced to help companies to continue to supply goods to the EU despite what was expected in a post-Brexit environment.

The freight forwarding and logistics specialist’s full DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) solution for export shipments from the UK to most EU countries is helping its customers maintain both the flow of products and the same transit times that were achieved prior to Brexit.

Danny Southby, Head of European Network at Davies Turner, says that the service can simplify the process of shipping for some EU-based businesses buying from UK suppliers as it helps to remove administration, customs formalities and costs.

“Selling on a DDP basis is greatly appreciated by EU customers as they are not involved in the import Customs process and can continue to buy products from UK in the same way that they did prior to Brexit.

“The system allows us to pre-enter goods and, if there is a potential problem, we know before the trailer departs.

“The EU consignee receives goods as if they are buying from an EU supplier, and goods are customs cleared at the French Smart Border, with no VAT to be outlaid upfront by our clients. We are able to clear shipments from the UK destined to most EU countries as they enter France.”

Under Davies Turner’s full DDP solution for export shipments, import entries are completed in the name of the UK exporter, with duty (if applicable) charged back to the UK exporter, so that deliveries are not delayed.

Groupage or full load shipments are routed directly to the destination country with no requirement to stop or off-load in France, providing no customs inspection is required.

Southby concludes: “The service helps exporters to avoid delays that would otherwise be created by the need to contact importers to agree terms, and collect VAT and duty, prior to delivery.

“Brexit means that all products moving between the UK and the EU need to go through a customs process.

“By using our full DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) solution for export shipments to the EU, our customers can access a solution to keep products moving without friction, removing almost every barrier that can delay a movement, other than physical customs checks.”

Operating one of the largest networks of European overland trailer services, Davies Turner’s comprehensive network of UK branches trunk into five regional distribution centres, from where freight connects with daily, direct services to hubs across the continent.