deugro, a company of the deugro group and the industry-leading project freight forwarder specialized in turnkey projects, announced today the go-live of their rollout of WiseTech Global’s integrated logistics execution platform, CargoWise. 

Starting with deugro’s branch in Madrid, Spain, the CargoWise rollout will continue across all branches worldwide and represents an integral milestone in deugro group’s global digital transformation strategy, known as the UNITED Strategy. deugro’s UNITED Strategy is designed to streamline and optimize processes and increase efficiencies across the organization, providing greater value to clients. 

“We needed a solution that would complement and support our global digitalization strategy, transform the client experience and take our operational excellence to the next level,” said Thomas Fuchs, Corporate Vice President Business Processes and IT, deugro group

Thomas Fuchs, Corporate Vice President Business Processes and IT, deugro group
Thomas Fuchs, Corporate VP Business Processes & IT, deugro group

“After conducting a thorough analysis of the systems available in the market, CargoWise was our choice, as it is the most comprehensive platform. Its global transparency and real-time visibility across the supply chain will enable us to increase efficiencies and allow us to further deliver consistently high-quality services to our clients. 

“In addition to the quick implementation period, the key benefits for us were CargoWise’s deep integrations and powerful functionality, particularly the one-file global database and upfront data verification tool, which we hadn’t previously seen in the market. 

“Just as the world rotates on its axis, the new TMS will be the center of all operational activities. Therefore, we named our new TMS Axis, connecting our best minds with technology across our global network. It will be at the heart of all activities, while also being part of the deugro group DNA.” 

CargoWise will be rolled out across the deugro network of more than 900 users in 70 offices spanning 40 countries in a staged process, with completion across their global offices expected by the end of 2022. 

We are pleased to support deugro’s commitment to improving supply chain efficiencies through their global digitalization strategy and with their decision to roll out  CargoWise. The powerful functionalities of our platform, and our deep productivity and automation capabilities, will provide the business with the tools needed to execute complex transactions with greater efficiency, manageability and visibility and will play an integral role in accelerating their global digitalization strategy,” said Richard White, Founder and CEO, WiseTech Global. 

Licensed across 160 countries, CargoWise enables logistics service providers to execute highly complex transactions in areas such as freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, shipping, tracking, land transport, ecommerce, and cross-border compliance, allowing them to manage their operations on one database across multiple users, functions, countries, languages, and currencies.