Significant growth is reflected in a rising number of companies using the provider’s platform for more loads, bookings and capacity

dexFreight, providers of a blockchain-based logistics market network, today announced increases in key growth metrics during the third quarter of 2021. Additionally, the company reported on new technology developments in support of expanded use of its blockchain solution.

During Q3 2021, dexFreight exceeded 3,000 companies registered on its blockchain-based logistics platform. That activity drove increases of 29% more loads, 17% more truckload bookings and 51% more drayage bookings than in Q2 2021. Overall, carriers posted 43% more capacity on the platform than during the previous quarter.

“dexFreight’s growth is more than a reflection of the success of our technology,” said Jim Handoush, president & CEO. “It also showcases the realization among stakeholders that we have the answer to current and long term supply chain issues, including port congestion and the driver shortage. We offer a higher level of collaboration and network optimization for industry participants because our blockchain logistics platform is decentralized and neutral. Unlike other siloed solutions, it’s the best approach to the industry’s challenges.”

dexFreight's development team recently unveiled improvements to the platform’s matching engine, allowing users to receive more accurate load and truck suggestions. Also released was a new option to search for capacity and loads from a map view as an alternative to the standard list view. 

“dexFreight was built from the ground up to empower freight and logistics companies with the right tools and information to make better decisions for handling loads more efficiently,” Handoush said. “As we enter the last quarter of 2021, we are excited about our ongoing growth potential and new technological developments that will connect the entire logistics industry, reduce shipment processing times, and increase margins for all its stakeholders.”