BOCA RATON, Fla. - Direct Dispatch announces that its recently acquired digital bill of lading (BOL) service is now available for auto transport truckers. The BOL service allows drivers to create a detailed profile of each car they transport. The service stores the bills of lading in a cloud server making them immediately available in the event of a customer damage claim.

The app is available in Android and iOS formats at the Google and Apple App Stores. The download is free with 14 free bills of lading per trucker as a trial. Recurring prices start at 86 cents per vehicle. Volume pricing is available. The BOL software functions with cars sourced from Direct Dispatch and all other sources.

“Direct Dispatch is pleased to offer this service to the auto transport trucking community. This app is only the beginning of a suite of services designed to make auto transport trucking easier and more profitable. As we consider additional markets for Direct Dispatch’s software, we will modify this app for transporters of other goods.” commented Junior Alexis, CEO

Direct Dispatch has initiated marketing for the new service. The company has several thousand drivers registered with Direct Dispatch. The service is available to company registered and unregistered drivers.