Earlier this summer, Aquiline Drones (AD), the fastest growing US drone and cloud company, launched a new employment initiative called Flight to the Future (F2F) to help pilots and the general public re-boot their careers by becoming certified commercial drone operators. This is to fulfill the increasing demand for commercial drone services nationwide.  Now, the organization has announced a massive corporate office expansion, as well as a myriad of strategic manufacturing partners to make its mission of adding more than 1 million drone-based jobs to the US economy a tangible reality.   

Aquiline Drones currently has 16 staff members working at its downtown Hartford headquarters and 3 large external technology teams strategically dispersed, mainly in the US.  By the end of 2020, Aquiline Drones Founder and CEO Barry Alexander says that he will outfit the Hartford location with an additional 54 management, business and production professionals bringing its total Hartford crew to 70. Toward this end, AD has already signed a new 10-year lease to expand to the 13th floor and is in negotiations for two additional floors in the Stark Building. These new floors will be concurrent with its current occupation of the Penthouse Suite on floors 16 and 17.  In addition, Alexander is building the nation’s first public drone showroom where visitors can witness the entire production cycle of drones.  At its completion, AD will occupy nearly 30,000 square-feet for all business operations at its current location. 

“Our massive US expansion is aptly timed and will enable quick-start production of our new and superior line of commercial and industrial drones, dubbed “Spartacus”, while we simultaneously finalize numerous manufacturing licensing agreements with industry-leading Drone Vault of France and Aerialtronics of the Netherlands,” said Alexander.

Specific positions being filled at Aquiline Drones include Chief Financial Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Information Officer, Human Resource Manager, Customer Service Representatives, Administrative Assistants, Receptionist, Warehouse Manager, Quality Assurance Inspectors, Drone Assemblers, Software Integrators, Testing & Quality Assurance Professionals, Packaging Professionals and Production Assistants.