Burr Ridge, IL - Recent accounts portray truckers as fatigued by the lack of access to quality chassis and rising cost of daily rentals, creating an ever-challenging business climate for those moving freight out of the Ports of New York and New Jersey. Many are hoping that the talk of a new grey pool in this market will address issues and improve both quality and efficiency. While there is a lot of discussion about what might happen, there is an in-place solution that has now announced a massive doubling-down of brand-new inventory.

Doug Hoehn, Milestone Chassis Company Executive Vice President says: “Why Wait?” Milestone, the Nation’s most comprehensive intermodal equipment lessor – and operator of America’s fastest growing fleet of brand-new chassis - is making a massive investment in the New York and New Jersey area in order to continue to meet customer demand. “Daily we’re receiving calls from customers or inquiries through ChassisFinder.com, asking us when we can bring more equipment to the market.” When asked what customers are looking for, Hoehn says, “Marine chassis and 40/45 extendables are in the highest demand.”

“But there is something more we can do for our customers – in this market and others. When you lease from one of the other daily pools in this market, it’s highly likely you’re leasing very old equipment. It might have been repainted or had a few features updated but, rest assured, it is old.”

Why should this matter to customers? “It’s their bottom line,” says Hoehn. “When you lease old equipment, you pay more in M&R. You’re more likely to break down – sidelining your drivers, your freight, your business. It’s just plain dollars and sense.”

On average, leasing new chassis will save you $1,400/year/chassis.

“It’s not small change. This is why we want to be the best partner we can to our customers,” says Hoehn. “Look at the photos. Every one of those chassis is available in New York and New Jersey now.”