EBE Technologies, the leader in business process management applications for the transportation industry, today announces the completion of its fiscal year 2021, ending September 30. An increased year of revenue growth was achieved as EBE realized a 14% increase in revenue from new client acquisitions and a 26% increase in additional purchases from existing clients.

“The challenges from the prior year have shifted, but challenges within the industry continue. The driver and general labor shortage, fuel and insurance costs, plus increased regulation and public perception are all causing downward pressure on the industry, said EBE President Larry Kerr. “I think practically everyone in the country is familiar with the term supply chain, for all the wrong reasons.

“Our clients are requiring they realize the maximum productivity from their current back-office team members.” To that end, EBE developed a Robotic Process Automation (RPO) solution, which integrates into existing Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Through RPO, routine tasks are automated, reducing a carrier’s back-office staff to focus on transactions AI has determined to be out of standard. Through the AI and RPO solutions, carriers have an electronic workforce managing documents and data that makes up the tasks performed by traditional staffing.

In first quarter, fiscal year 2022, EBE is releasing two additional modules for its SHIPSMobile Enterprise. These modules include Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which allows non-billing staff to perform data entry into a carrier’s billing system, allowing its billing staff to focus on out-of-standard transactions. OCR also offers freight tracking capabilities by enabling carriers and logistic providers to track outsources freight locations, interfaces to their TMS for status calls, and provides document capture.

EBE’s managed services compliance company, InfoStream, realized a 17% increase in drivers under its managed service and released its Risk Management Information System (RMIS) in fourth quarter, fiscal year 2021.

EBE is positive about fiscal year 2022. Based on the current industry challenges, carriers and logistic providers will have to implement AI and RPO solutions across their enterprise. The additional modules within the SHIPSMobile Enterprise solution opens additional market segments and the need to do more with less is driving demand from new and existing clients.