Regular gasoline prices, by week and PADD
(Self service cash price in dollars per gallon, including taxes)
PADD 1 - East Coast3.5383.4683.354
PADD 1a - New England3.7933.7003.605
PADD 1b - Central Atlantic3.8243.7563.639
PADD 1c - Lower Atlantic3.2953.2303.113
PADD 2 - Midwest3.5193.3743.212
PADD 3 - Gulf Coast3.0212.9152.808
PADD 4 - Rocky Mountain3.6363.5393.404
PADD 5 - West Coast4.7794.5924.369
PADD 5b - West Coast less CA4.4994.3444.151
Source: Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update
PADD=Petroleum Administration for Defense District