Emerge, the leading freight procurement platform, and MercuryGate International Inc., a best-in-class provider of transportation management systems (TMS), are joining forces to streamline the process of posting and bidding for spot market loads. These complementary solutions will directly connect shippers and carriers by leveraging business intelligence and automation, empowering users to complete spot market transactions with one integrated platform.

"In today's market, shippers and carriers must build efficiency into every process, from freight sourcing to execution," said Andrew Leto, Founder and CEO of Emerge. "Our partnership with MercuryGate facilitates data-enabled decisions in the spot market expediting informed transactions while offering a near seamless experience for users.”

In addition to advanced freight procurement and benchmarking capabilities, Emerge operates a marketplace that provides visibility to loads in real-time. By providing access to more than 45,000 marketplace carriers, Emerge empowers shippers to get loads handled quickly at market rates. The Emerge Marketplace also provides carriers the opportunity to gain direct access to companies they may not have previously served.

“Our Smart Transportation technology is designed to help customers improve productivity, manage costs, and gain efficiency in their transportation operations,” said Jeffrey Varon, Chief Strategy Officer for MercuryGate. “With the Emerge solution integrated into their MercuryGate TMS, our users – shippers, carriers, and 3PLs – have a real-time resource that supports the best decisions for quickly matching freight with market-rate capacity.”